Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1872


    • mw72_orig.txt Original digitization.
    • mw72_orig_utf8.txt Digitization in utf-8 encoding.
    • mw72_orig_utf8_slp1.txt Devanagari in SLP1 transliteration.
    • mw72.txt The digitization as text file, with corrections.
    • mw72-meta.txt Documentation of the coding conventions of mw72.txt
    • mw72header.xml Description of licensing and other details of this edition
    • CDSL.pdf Description of Sanskrit-Lexicon project
  2. mw72_bookmark.pdf (right-click 'save as' to download) Scanned images
    • mw72.xml An xml version of mw72.txt, by headword
    • mw72.dtd Document type definition for mw72.xml
    • programs Software by which mw72.xml is created from mw72.txt
  4. (195mb) Materials to construct an offline version of the web displays of the dictionary. Includes scanned images.
  5. (18mb) Offline version of web displays, without scanned images.