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(mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
(cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
(otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
(cpd) = Concise Pahlavi Dictionary

1 (mwd) hRdaya n. (ifc. f. %{A}) the heart (or region of the heart as the seat of feelings and sensations ; %{hRdaye-kR} , `" to take to heart "') , soul , mind (as the seat of mental operations ; %{capala-hRdaya} , `" fickleminded "') RV. &c. &c. ; the heart or interior of the body RV. AV. TBr. MBh. ; the heart or centre or core or essence or best or dearest or most secret part of anything AV. &c. &c. ; true or divine knowledge MW. ; the Veda ib. ; science ib. ; (with %{prajApateH}) N. of a Sa1man IndSt. ; m. a partic. Sunday BhavP. ; (%{A}) f. N. of a mare Hariv. ; mfn. going to the heart Bha1gP. (fr. %{hRd} + %{aya} Sch.)
2 (cap) hRdaya n. the heart, as an organ of the body or as seat of the feelings, also the interior of the body i.g., the centre or essence of anything etc.