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(mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
(cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
(otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
(cpd) = Concise Pahlavi Dictionary

1 (mwd) pariNAma m. change , alteration , transformation into (instr.) , development , evolution Sa1m2khyak. Yogas. Pur. Sus3r. ; ripeness , maturity Kir. Uttarar. Ma1lati1m. ; alteration of food , digestion Sus3r. Tarkas. ; withering , fading S3a1rn3gP. ; lapse (of time) MBh. R. ; decline (of age) , growing old ib. Sus3r. ; result , consequence , issue , end (ibc. and %{-me} ind. finally , at last , in the end) Ka1v. ; (in rhet.) a figure of speech by which the properties of any object are transferred to that with which it is compared Kuval. ; N. of a holy man RTL. 269 ; %{-darzin} mfn. looking forward to the issue or consequences (of any event) , prudent , fore-sighted MBh. ; %{-dRSTi} f. foresight , providence MW. ; %{-nirodha} m. obstruction (of felicity caused) by human vicissitude (as birth , growth , death &c.) W. ; %{-pathya} mfn. suited to a future state or condition ib. ; %{-mukha} mfn. tending or verging towards the end , about to terminate S3ak. ; %{-ramaNIya} mfn. (a day) delightful at its close ib. ; %{-vat} mfn. having a natural development (%{-ttva} n.) S3am2k. ; %{-vAda} m. the `" doctrine of evolution "' , the Sa1m2khya doctrine Sarvad. ; %{-zUla} n. violent and painful indigestion Cat.
2 (mwd) parINAma m. ( %{nam}) course or lapse of time R. (cf. %{pari-N-}).
3 (cap) pariNAma m. change, alteration, transformation, development, evolution into (instr.), transformation of od i.e. digestion; fading, decay; course (of time), advancement (of age), old age; consequence, result, end. --- & loc. finally, at last.
4 (cap) parINAma & {-NAha} m. = {pariNAma} & {-NAha}.