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(mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
(cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
(otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
(cpd) = Concise Pahlavi Dictionary

1 (mwd) parivarta %{-vartaka} &c. see %{parivRt} , p. 601.
2 (mwd) parivarta m. revolving , revolution (of a planet &c.) Su1ryas. ; a period or lapse or expiration of time (esp. of a Yuga q.v.) MBh. R. &c. ; (with %{lokAnAm}) the end of the world R. ; a year L. ; moving to and fro , stirring Prasannar. ; turning back , flight L. ; change , exchange , barter (also %{parI-v-}) Ya1jn5. MBh. Ka1v. &c. ; requital , return W. ; an abode , spot , place Hariv. ; a chapter , section , book &c. Lalit. ; N. of a son of Doh2-saha (son of Mr2ityu) Ma1rkP. [601,3] ; of the Ku1rma or 2nd incarnation of Vishn2u (also %{parI-v-}) L.
3 (mwd) parIvarta m. exchange , barter Hit. (v.l.) ; N. of the Ku1rma or 2nd incarnation of Vishn2u L. (cf. %{pari-v-}). %{-vartam} ind. ( %{vRt}) in a circle , recurring , repeatedly Ta1n2d2Br.
4 (cap) parivarta m. turning round, moving to and fro, roaming, revolving, revolution (of a planet), lapse (of time); change, barter; abode, spot, place.
5 (cap) parIvarta m. exchange, barter.