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(mwd) = Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
(cap) = Capeller's Sanskrit-English Dictionary
(otl) = Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon
(cpd) = Concise Pahlavi Dictionary

1 (mwd) vipAka mf(%{A})n. ripe , mature RV. ; m. cooking , dressing (= %{pacana}) L. ; ripening , maturing (esp. of the fruit of actions) , effect , result , consequence (of actions in the present or former births pursuing those who commit them through subsequent existences) Ya1jn5. MBh. &c. ; maturing of food (in the stomach) , digestion conversion of food into a state for assimilation MBh. Hariv. Sus3r. ; bad digestion Car. ; any change of form or state Uttarar. ; calamity , distress "' , misfortune Ya1jn5. Uttarar. ; withering , fading S3is3. ; `" sweat "' or `" flavour `" (%{sveda} or %{svAda}) L. ; (ibc.) subsequently , afterwards (see comp.) ; %{-kaTuka} mfn. sharp or bitter in its consequences Katha1s. ; %{-kAla} m. the time of ripening or maturing Ra1jat. ; %{-tIvra} mfn. sharp or terrible in consequence of (comp.) BhP. ; %{-dAruNa} mfn. terrible or dangerous in results Prab. ; %{-doSa} m. morbid affection of the digestive powers Sus3r. ; %{-visphUrjathu} m. the consequences (of sins committed in a former birth) compared to a thunder stroke Ragh. ; %{-zruta} n. N. of a sacred book of the Jainas W.
2 (mwd) vipAka %{vi-pAkin} see under %{vi-pac} , p. 973.
3 (cap) vipAka a. ripe. m. ripening, maturity, consequence of actions; issue, result i.g.; digestion.