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Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon


The Cologne Sankrit Lexicon (CSL) is part of the LAZARUS project (Langfristige Aufbereitung, Zugänglichkeit und Archivierung universitärer Sammlungen).

The Cologne Sankrit Lexicon is dedicated to making available Sanskrit dictionaries digitalized by the University of Cologne and other volunteers.

As part of its mission, the CSL provides

History: from CDSL to CSL (using TEI)

The dictionaries made available by the CSL originate in the Cologne Digital Sankrit Lexicon (CSDL) project.

The CDSL started in the mid 90’s and consists nowadays of more than thirty Sanskrit dictionaries, all scanned, transcribed and made available online.

Various issues affect these digitalized dictionaries:

For these reasons, the dictionaries of the original CSDL could not be queried via single interface and each dictionary required its on web interface.

It is easy to understand that the long-term preservation of these digitalized dictionary is hindered by all these issue.

Under the auspices of the LAZARUS project, the team of the Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon converted a representative set of the CSDL dictionaries to a TEI-compliant XML representation, accompanied by a ODD-generated human- and machine-readable schema.

Exploiting this uniform representation, a unified web interface has been developed that allows all the converted dictionaries to be queried at the same time and their content referenced using stable and unique URIs.

TEI dictionaries and ODD Schema

The dictionaries, the associated TEI schema and other pieces of documentation are available from the download page.

Detailed information about the specialized TEI vocabulary used by the Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon can be found in the online ODD-generated documentation (online soon).


The initial scope of the project was restricted to only few dictionaries. Future funding will permit the conversion and long-term preservation of the remaining dictionaries.