1. inmtxt.zip
    • inm_orig.txt Original digitization.
    • inm_orig_utf8.txt Digitization in utf-8 encoding.
    • inm.txt The digitization as text file, with corrections.
    • inm-meta2.txt Documentation of the coding conventions of inm.txt
    • inmheader.xml Description of licensing and other details of this edition
    • CDSL.pdf Description of Sanskrit-Lexicon project
  2. inm_bookmark.pdf (right-click 'save as' to download) Scanned images
  3. inmxml.zip
    • inm.xml An xml version of inm.txt, by headword
    • inm.dtd Document type definition for inm.xml
  4. inmweb1.zip Materials to construct an offline version of the web displays of the dictionary. No scanned images.