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This part of the documentation is aimed at developers who may wish to extend the digitization and displays for one or more of the dictionaries. The starting point for a given dictionary is the original digitization provided by Thomas Malten and his staff in India. From this digitization, computer programs are used to identify headwords and their definitions and corresponding positions in the underlying scanned images of the dictionary. From this information, a simple xml structure is constructed for the dictionary, with one record per headword. This xml form of the digitization is put into the form of a simple SQLite database table. Web displays are constructed as PHP programs to query the database by headword and to link entry displays to the scanned images. Finally, all the relevant files and program code are gathered into various downloads for each dictionary.

A framework was developed that generally applies to each dictionary; and the framework for a hypothetical dictionary X is described. Various details of the framework are altered to accomodate the requirements of each dictionary, and some of these details are described in the following material for the dictionary.